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Facility Fees: Choose Individual Practices Over Hospital-Based Clinics for Your Dermatology Needs and Save Money

Facility Fees at Hospital-Based Clinics Can Add to Your Dermatology Care Costs

Did you know that where you seek dermatological treatment can have a significant impact on your pocketbook? As a patient, it’s essential to be informed about the options available to you when seeking medical care. In this blog post, we’ll discuss why choosing individual dermatology practices over hospital-based clinics can save you money by avoiding facility fees and provide you with personalized care.

Reasons to Choose and Individual Dermatology Practice Like Apollo Dermatology in Troy MI

Avoiding Facility Fees

One of the main advantages of choosing an individual dermatology practice over a hospital-based clinic is the avoidance of facility fees. Facility fees are charges that hospitals and hospital-affiliated clinics impose for the use of their facilities, equipment, and staff, in addition to the professional fee charged by the dermatologist. These fees can add a considerable cost to your overall bill, potentially making your treatment more expensive than it needs to be.

By opting for an individual dermatology practice, you eliminate the facility fees, as these practices are not affiliated with hospitals and have lower overhead costs.

Personalized Care

Another reason to consider individual dermatology practices is the personalized care they offer. In these settings, dermatologists can provide more focused attention to their patients, allowing them to address concerns more thoroughly and tailor treatments to each patient’s unique needs. Hospital-based clinics, on the other hand, often operate on a high patient volume, which can make it challenging to deliver personalized care.

Convenience and Accessibility

Individual dermatology practices tend to be more accessible, with flexible scheduling and shorter wait times for appointments. Hospital-based clinics often have limited appointment availability due to the high patient volume, resulting in longer wait times and potential delays in receiving necessary care. By choosing an individual practice, you can enjoy a more convenient and hassle-free experience.

Building Trust and Rapport

When you visit an individual dermatology practice, you have a better chance of seeing the same dermatologist each time you need treatment. This consistency allows you to build a rapport with your doctor, fostering trust and open communication. In a hospital-based setting, you may see different dermatologists during each visit, making it difficult to establish a strong patient-doctor relationship.


When it comes to dermatological care, choosing an individual practice over a hospital-based clinic has several benefits, including avoiding facility fees, personalized care, convenience, and fostering a strong patient-doctor relationship. As a patient, it’s crucial to make informed decisions about your healthcare options to ensure you receive the best care at the best price. Consider individual dermatology practices for your future skin care needs and experience the difference for yourself.

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