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The doc and his staff are so incredibly nice. 10/10 for sure.


I’ve been to many different dermatologists and thought about giving up on getting help but thought I would give it one more shot and thankfully I did. Dr Dupati is not just knowledgeable but he is kind and understanding and is willing to work with you and your needs. I have had a history of doctors writing off my issues as unimportant or non-existing, but I felt heard at my visit and felt I was being taken care of to the best ability. Everyone in the office is kind and welcoming as well. It is the best experience you can have walking into a doctor’s office.


Dr Dupati is absolutely amazing. My husband had a full body mole check, and had to have a four different moles sent out. He made us both feel very comfortable and explained everything in detail about what he was doing and what we should expect when we get the results. The staff was just as kind and helpful. Excellent experience.

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