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2 – JM

I was so pleased at my first appointment with Apollo Dermatology. The staff was kind, the office was clean, and there was minimal wait time. The Doctor was so great and made me feel very comfortable. He was so positive and friendly and had an amazing bed side manor. I am so happy that I have found such a great dermatologist!

1 – PP

I wrote a review before, but I just want to update – it’s been almost 3 1/2 months since Dr. Dupati gave me my skincare regimen and my skin is doing very well. He’s a very reassuring doctor when it comes to skincare and awaiting results.

6 – Dr. PG

As a fellow colleague of Dr Dupati, I can attest to his incredible professionalism, empathy, and knowledge. Dr. Dupati is one of the most sincere and genuine individuals that I have ever met and his commitment to the field of dermatology is unrelenting and passionate. Not only does he care for his patients as his own family, but will go above and beyond to solve any problems or diagnoses that he is faced with. He is humble, he is kind, and he is a strong man of his word. You will not be disappointed as Dr. Dupati is the doctor that I will always strive to emulate.

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